PEAK is a new, international project under ICSSPE’s leadership aiming to develop coaching policy recommendations for use by sport federations, coaching bodies and governments. Bringing together a unique consortium of expert partners, including the International Council for Coaching Excellence, The German Sport University Cologne, European Elite Athletes Association, Finnish Olympic Committee, Sport Ireland Coaching, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, and the Foundation of Sport Education and Information, Estonia.

PEAK will offer, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of coaching and coach education across Europe, and beyond. It will tell us about coaching roles, responsibilities, and status, as well as policies, programmes and decision-making processes.

The project is planned to run from January 2019 to December 2021.

Six guiding questions give shape and focus to the project:

  1. What roles, responsibilities, and statuses does coaching currently hold in the overall sport strategies of national Governments within the European Union?
  2. What policies, programmes and decision-making processes currently exist in European countries to develop and enhance coaching systems; regulate coaching to improve its quality and ensure the safety of all participants in sport, especially children?
  3. Do European and National Sport Federations have policies and programmes in place, which aim to regulate or stimulate coaching development?
  4. What are the best practices currently available for the inclusion of coaching development in an organization’s strategic plan based on which criteria?
  5. What evidence-based strategies and practices are available to increase opportunities for women in coaching?
  6. What evidence-based strategies and practices are needed to enhance the effectiveness of good governance measures (such as transparency of decision-making, democratic and inclusive decision-making processes) in the practice of sport coaching?



The PEAK project will result in a series of findings that will answer and go beyond the six guiding questions. Total of seven documents will be produced that will provide evidence based foundation for the project; determine criteria for inclusion of the examples of good practice; gather examples of coaching policies in European countries; present model policies related to the different elements of a coaching system and a set of policy recommendations; support organizations to assess the current status of their coaching system and related policies; provide European sport federations, governments and coaching organizations with a recommended process to collaboratively develop coaching policy.

The Findings section will be updated with new documents as the project evolves – bear with us!

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