• Research Reports and other Outputs

Mapping Sport Coaching Policy in Europe: Research Report

The Research Report sets the context and background for the project. It provides an overview of the ‘state of the art’ in Coaching, informs about methodological considerations for good practice analysis, and makes recommendations for concept and content development.

PEAK Research Report

Preliminary Recommendations for European Sport Coaching Policy and Validation Methodology

The Methodology Document for Good Practice Analysis and the Framework Development of PEAK is based on the results of the Literature Review. The report provides concrete recommendations for the development of the framework.

PEAK Good Practice Recommendations

Good Practice Report

The Good Practice Report, including the mapping study, will be developed. It will consist of different parts, such as definitions as well as examples of Coaching Policies in European Countries.

PEAK EU Mapping Good Practice Analysis Report

Framework for Coaching Policies

The Framework for Coaching Policies will include model policies related to the different elements of a coaching system (including coach education standards, licensing, recruitment of under-represented groups into coaching (women, coaches of athletes with a disability, newcomers, etc.), coaching ethics and child protection, coach representation, working conditions and quality assurance) and a set of policy recommendations for governments, national and international federations and coaching bodies, jointly developed by all stakeholder groups.

Quality in Coaching Model and Self-Assessment Tool

The Quality in Coaching model and Self-Assessment Tool will provide organizations with a process to assess the current status of their coaching system and related policies, and to identify priorities for improvement.  It will provide governments with a common starting point to compare the stage of development of coaching within the organizations under their jurisdiction.

Handbook for Developing and Implementing Effective Coaching Policies in Europe

The Handbook will provide European sport federations, governments and coaching organizations with a recommended process to collaboratively develop coaching policy.

Quality Assurance Report

The report will contain a reflection of the project’s activities and a review of the quality of its outputs. This report will assess the quality of results obtained by the project, foster transparency and provide detailed and reliable information on the project.